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Teaching kids advertising language

28 April 2010


Just stumbled across a website called admongo.gov. It’s an American intiative helping kids understand what ads really mean. As ads are part of our everday life (in fact when I look around my computer right now I can see three different ads) it is important for children to understand the ad lingo. So teaching them how advertising works, what advertising is trying you to do etc. will help them make better judgements. They have quite a cool flash-based game that goes through ads (where they are placed, what they try you to do, who is behind the ad). As a player you can collect points. A quite nice idea, I think we adults could probably learn a thing or two as well. Since I am never influenced by advertising 😉 I obviously got the perfect score. So: Read my blog or you’ll die (shock ad). Or in nicer words: Read my blog and show me how intelligent you are. And even better (the lynx effect): Read my blog and you’ll become the sexiest man/woman alive.

Image credit: admongo.gov

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