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How to get the exact weight of your suitcase

21 April 2010

suitcase-overweight-noel-zia-lee-flickrI just came back from a couple of days of air travel. Every time I have the same problem: Overweight. I dread the check-in counter as my suitcase feels overweight but I am not entirely sure. I have oftetimes tried to weigh my suitcase on a pair of scales but either I can’t see the weight display or half the suitcase touches the ground. And yes, I have had to repack in front of a super long line-up. Nice to let people see your underwear. So, before you have to go through the same experience here’s one simple trick:
1. Take out a pair of scales.
2. Get on the scales and look at your weight.
3. Get on the scales again – this time holding the suitcase – and look at your weight.
4. Subtract your weight with suitcase (no. 3) from your weight without suitcase (no. 2).
I guess now you say: That’s so simple, I could have thought of that myself. I know. That’s exactly what I said when a friend of mine told me this trick.

Image credit: Noel Zia Lee, Flickr.

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